Quilt Gallery – Designs by Commission

“Your First Journey” - created to represent the trimesters of a set of twins. The three panels represent winter (the beginning of their journey represented by chrysallis'); spring/summer (characters are forming --poppies and bears -- representing the names by which they are now called); fall (a whole new world, the 'Sister' and 'Monarch' butterfly represent them coming into our world). Fabrics are mostly 'Origins' by basic grey from moda. A bit of 'Chrysallis' in the outside panel large diamonds and the two batiks in the center diamonds. I was asked to take the hand embroidered blocks and the two pieces of fabric (light and dark in the borders) and make something out of it. I'm calling it 'Story Time'. “Golden Night Life” --as named by the client. This is an adaptation from Tricia Cribb's Twisted Turning Twenty design. I wanted to keep real points after cutting the pieced block on the diagonal, so re-designed the block size providing the opportunity for the seam allowance and reconfigured the cutting instructions to get it to work. “Hugs and Kisses” © 2009 Kissed Quilts
Designed and made by Marlene Oddie. Quilting is all free-motion.
Commissioned by Linda Rogers for her daughter. “Royal Peacock Jewels” © 2009 Kissed Quilts
Designed by Marlene Oddie, Commissioned by Linda Nelson for her son Tom Beyer and fiance' Alyssa.