Quilt Gallery – Custom

CQ120: custom, asian panels w/motif quilting; circle in a circle in the border; bamboo in sections; roof top in center section. Hard to show the quilting on this, but here are two of the areas. This is a store sample for Highland Quilts. CQ69: custom quilting, lots of Stitch in the ditch. radiating lines from the dresden plate, loops fill around the sunbonnet sue, free motion daisy's in the setting triangles, squiggle? ;-) down the yellow borders, and a scroll work free motion in the wide blue borders. CQ55: this “Zoe” pattern is fun and eclectic! customer gave me creative freedom in both quilting and thread colors. Fun! All free-motion with some motif outlining some very small quilting and some large quilting. All new designs in my repertoire. I'll put additional detail photos in the “Zoe” album. CQ51: border details; quilted the motif in the fabric in the aqua batik; flowers in the hydrangea fabric border; zig zag mimicing the fabric in the purple border. CQ51: fan 3 detail; purple CQ51: fan 2 detail; variegated lavenders CQ51: border detail; zig zag in purple to mimic the pattern in the fabric; figure 8s in the teal batik border w/ a peacock variegated thread; large scroll work in outside border (busy fabric with wisteria) CQ51: large border detail; created additional fan affects; background also has fan like lines; makes this particular border look like ice crystals to me. Center piece is the busy fabric...quilted a large motif of the wisteria--hoping the client will color in the quilting so you can actually see the wisteria and leaves. CQ50: coordinating pillow covers. CQ50: This quilt uses civil war era prints in what was originally an asian themed quilt design. Highland Quilts fall retreat participants interpreted this pattern in a variety of ways. There will be more posted here in the future. Nice job Nelda King!! CQ50: center and 1st 2 borders detail. CQ50: edge detail CQ50: a couple of borders detail CQ50: fan detail with radiating lines---left the ends on my starting threads and it makes for an interesting 'embellishment'...I'll let the client decide if they want to keep them or not. CQ43: bottom border detail (customer request) CQ35: Remembrance Poppy (design by Pam Bono), pieced and enlarged to King size by Betty Baerg. Had to show you the whole quilt on this one. More photos in the album of details on the quilting and the backside! CQ35: detail of yellow border --created a poppy and several feather shapes. CQ35: detail of lg poppy CQ35: detail -- tear drop paisley all over in the lt green and yellow center sections. Veins on the poppy and leaf. In the ditch around all poppy and leaf elements. CQ35: backside! CQ33: allover cabbage roses using each square as a registration mark; spaced feather in the borders CQ30: a Miniature! Customer's request---be creative, maybe circles in the middle. Did some clam shells in the outer border and used 2 circle templates together in order to get the approximate size to make this work. In the ditch within the pieced blocks to help the white bars pop. Nice job Peggy! CQ28: civil war era -- so chose to go with a neutral thread. cabbage rose, fill feather, leaf like shapes in several varieties and a few swirls to fill in the setting triangles that just looked too sparse when I got the rest done. This was a VERY LARGE quilt! CQ24: Argyle from Eddie Walker's class, by Julia Penner. Stitched w/assistance from a ruler on the cross-hatching and did a swirl/scroll design in the setting triangles and individual diamonds. Left the background alone. In the border did a chain like effect working with the look of the fabric. All free motion quilted. Julia plans to put this in the WWVQuilt Festival Sept. 2010. Can't wait to see it with the binding and hanging in the show! CQ23: Another ...trip-around-the-world pieced top. The client (Crysta Evanenko) asked me to do the single quilt motif again. I'm quite pleased how this turned out. Her colors are stunning! Fabrics obtained at stash.