Quilt Gallery – Stipple

CQ137: medium bones stipple, warm & natural cotton batting, TEX30 Taupe thread, a beautiful spa like colorset. CQ136: bones stipple; wool batting; variegated thread CQ52: this is an antique quilt top that the client wanted to quilt and hang on the wall. A simple medium dense stipple was used. I also pieced the back together and put on the binding. CQ52: Corner detail. Due to the severe fraying on the long sides, the top was trimmed to have straight edges and corners on an angle. CQ52: pieced back...a bit eclectic as chosen by the client with the yellow and red colors of the quilt top used as inspiration. CQ49: “in the beginning” fabrics --they just feel yummy! allover stipple in black thread backed with a Maywood Studio Shadowplay flannel in a charcoal color. CQ8: allover meander. I think in the future I'll encourage better quilting if the quilt and/or fabric beg for it. There were lots of scallop like designs within this fabric and I think a scallop like quilting design--even if it was an all over pattern, might have enhanced the quilt a bit more.